Monday, July 7, 2008

Dungeness Spit

This is where we went on the 4th of July. If you look at the map you see a little green thing poking out into the water. That is the Dungeness Spit. We walked along that small bit of sand, all the way to the end. It took 6 hours, but it was a lot of fun. 
This is a very happy tree that we found along the way. There was a lot of driftwood around the beach. It looked similar to the last pictures we posted, Ebey's Landing. 
This was the final prize at the end of the 5.5 miles, a lighthouse. At the top of the lighthouse were some binoculars and we could see Victoria, BC! It was pretty good. That is it right above my head. 
Here is the lighthouse. The light house use to be at the end of the spit when it was build in the 1800s. Now there is about a 1/2 mile past the light house. The spit grows an average of 15 feet a year. Crazy. Soon it will stretch all the way to Canada! 
This may just look like water, but in the water are some small black dots. Those small dots are harbor seals! It was really fun to watch them hang out and splash around for us. 

We enjoyed our Holiday and watched the fireworks on the pier. It was pretty cool, mostly because there were people shooting fireworks off all around us.