Thursday, July 5, 2007


My email last week was pretty short, so I decided to expound on a few interesting things from last week. On Wednesday we all went to Ravinia, which took 2 hours in rush hour and only about 1 1/4 in non-rush hour. Ravinia has a cool outdoor amplatheater. That is were the Mormon Tabernacle Choir sang. The seats that were in in theater were 95 dollars! We had the lawn seat and there were TONS of people on the lawn. Most of them brought a small folding table and put a tablecoth, candles, flowers in vases on them. They would then bring out there goblets and have a little wine to go with the performance. Lots had fancy picnic dinners as well. We brought Subway, because we didn't know it was such as fancy occasion. The music was wonderful.

The taste of Chicago is like a big fair for food. The only animals there were the Budwieser horses. We walked around a lot and got some free samples of toothpast, advil, soda. We got our pictures taken with some country dude, but it was just a green back drop and they added him in. It was pretty silly, but it was free. We stayed down town for about 6 hours. We tried a lot of different food. We had jerk chicken, which was the best food there. I am glad we found that. There was a line for free cheesecake, but they didn't let us get any. It was sad.

Sunday we watched the fireworks from the front door. The Calvery Christian chuch shot them off, so they were pretty good. It was nice not to have to drive anywhere. Erik and I got the 4th a nd 5th off, so we are enjoying our holidays.