Monday, February 18, 2008

Devon's photos

They drew the ties on these shirts and then I guess they played a soccer game in them in the mud.
Devon sent some picture this past week so I thought I would try and post some for all to see. He didn't send any explanation so we all have to guess.

It sounds like he is really having fun on his mission. Devon if you want to offer any explanations for thes photos we would love to hear them.


Anonymous said...

wow! I don't remember Devon having that many freckles. Cool pics!

test and learning said...

The family getting baptized is the Ramlochan family from Reliance. My companion there is Elder Fox. They got baptized in May. That's their fowl cock that I'm making a face at (that's what Guyanese call roosters) oh, and we found that random ace hardware shopping cart at our apartment. I don't know how it ended up in Guyana. The football team pics are the Diamond zone. It was my and Elder Palmer's idea to have our old proselyting shirts airbrushed with ties, our names, and numbers. We played on Christmas eve. We were really muddy afterwards, but we beat the Georgetown zone 4-1.