Thursday, March 6, 2008

Cars and Cuts

Last Sunday (I think) Chantille cut me some bangs. This is what I look like with bangs.Erik thinks that I look about 4 years younger when I don't have my glasses on with the new bangs. I don't know about decide. This pictures look weird because I took them myself. I was too impatient to wait for Erik to come home from school.
This, Devon, is our new car. Luckily, from the picture you can't tell how dirty it is. We really like it.
This is what you call a performance muffler! That is right Erik and I are sporty and we drag race down University Ave. You might even call us hellions!
Ok....maybe not, but we still have a performance muffler!

MOM- Where are the pictures of Panama????


Our Ole' Kentucky Home said...

ooh I like the bangs I dont know about 4 years younger you look young all the time. I like the new car you hellions. so does devon get the jelly donut now

Anonymous said...

Colette you look great with bangs, I must say, someone did a great job cutting them. I, however, do not trust myself enough to cut my own. You also look great in your glasses.

Mom said...

Colette, I do like the bangs and I think you do look younger without your glasses. I'm sorry I'm so slow with th Panama pictures, I will try to get some posted today.