Saturday, June 28, 2008

Our Trinidad vacation

We had a really great trip to Trinidad. The people are great and we had a lot of fun. It was hard to leave.
Saying goodbye to President and Sister Robison.

This is a food court we had lunch at. Dad put hot pepper sauce all over his pelau!

Walking down the streets of Valsayn just minutes after Devon got released.

We got caught in a rainstorm and sought shelter under a mechanic's garage.

Mom is clapping it after it's cooked to make it nice and soft.

Baby teaching Mom to cook roti.

This is the whole crew at Andrew and Baby's house.
Devon finally playing in the Caribbean Sea at Paria Bay Beach.
Kinda blurry. Mom and Devon at Paria Falls. The water in the pool below was very clear and somewhat warm.
Paria Falls. It was soo nice!

Walking along Para Bay Beach. We hiked over two hours to get there! It was worth the walk.
Dad and some of the Deonarinesingh's playing in the water.
Beautiful Sunrise! Mom and Dad on Manzanilla beach just after sunrise.
Azim likes Dad a lot. He calls him "Older Elder Gibby." He had Dad give him the Aaronic Priesthood the Sunday we were there.
These are some funny buzzard-looking birds on Maracas beach trying to dry off after some morning rains.

This is all of us that camped out on Manzanilla beach to see the turtles. The Deonarinesingh family, us, and Azim.

This is some of the eggs!

This one is digging her hole with her back fins. Pretty cool!

This is a video of Paria Falls.